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The Struggle with Goggles is Real

With all the goggles available nowadays, no one really knows what to look for. In the following sections, you'll find out which tints to wear when and what things to watch out for.

The thing with the translucence


  • Level 0: 80 - 100% translucence
  • Level 1: 43 - 80% translucence
  • Level 2: 18 - 43% translucence
  • Level 3: 8 - 18% translucence
  • Level 5: 3 - 4% translucence

Little windscreens

First of all, goggles are divided into cylindrical and spherical lenses:

  • cylindrical lenses: single flexion
  • spherical lenses: double flexion; improved optics; more expensive

The weather sets the tone

  • Dark tints (black, grey, brown) for sunny conditions
  • Light tints (blue, purple, red, pink) for slightly cloudy skies
  • Transparent tints (yellow, orange, translucent) for fog and snowfall

    Filter categories:

  • Category 0: high clouds & night rides
  • Category 1: changing light and weather conditions
  • Category 2: sunny days with little cloudage
  • Categroy 3: mostly sunny
  • Categroy 4: bright sunshine and glaciers


Note: Polarised lenses prevent glare. Depth perception is also better, i.e. you can see bumps better.


There are also goggles with a lens change system. This means you can easily change the lenses yourself at any time, depending on the weather conditions. Practical, isn't it?

Something in the air

Your goggles steam over during your sessions? Then it's due to incorrect ventilation. So-called antifog coatings should be part of every good pair of goggles.

From four-eyes to six-eyes

For those of you who wear glasses, there are of course goggles that can be worn over corrective spectacles. These goggles are labelled OTG (over the glass). In addition, the prescription can also be clipped directly into the goggle lens.

Relationship Goggles & Helmet

This factor is almost the most important of all. The frame of the goggles must fit into the recess of the helmet and be flush with the face. The gap between the goggles and the helmet must not be too large. It is best to choose goggles and helmet from the same manufacturer.

After this massive pile of information, you should finally have a clear vision. Stay up to date and ask the local experts in the shop for more information. See you on the mountain!

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