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Rider Corner

This is your corner - the Rider Corner is the right place to connect with locals and fellow riders of Superpark Planai. Here you can share your latest experiences or upload your freshest edits! 


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Henrik Frank

Rider Profile

Florian Wörndl

Rider Profile standing sideways

Fabian Mühringer

Rider Profile Skrrrt

Jiri Svab

Rider Profile

Anna Lora

Rider Profile

Jure Seifried

Rider Profile

Anej Miglar

Rider Profile “One of the most rideable and enjoyable parks in the area, super close to Slovenia so it’s very easy for me to be there every weekend!”

Josef Steger

Rider Profile "Superpark Planai is a great training park. The varying setup offers suitable challenges for riders of any level."

Viktor Szigeti

Rider Profile “As a local rider I have seen all the progression on the park. I really like all the changes over the years. There are lines to warm up and also those to ride hard.”