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Superpark Planai - Having a big Time

The Superpark Planai gives people this special feeling. The feeling of freedom of creativity and an expansion of their mindset regarding the challenge of learning new skills.

Year after year this crew shapes its park to perfection with a super rad setup and some of the most amazing views you’ll ever get to experience. The Superpark Planai is built next to a little pommerlift/T-bar lift which makes sure you’ll get endless Laps – Lap after lap after lap and you will be amazed by how much you’ll progress within days.

Every year the Superpark Planai blows peoples minds with massive events and a even more massive Setup – you’ll be sure to have the biggest time!

Smiling Sideways! But where?

Schladming is a little city in the glorious mountains of Austria in a valley called the “Ennstal”. Once you’ve arrived in Schladming, you can make your way up to the park straight up from the city center. The gondola “Planaibah 1 and 2” give you a super easy access to the hills. At the top of the second section of the tram you simply follow route 8 or 8a. There you will end up at the bottom station of the “Weitmoss” lift as the park is set up in an area called Weitmoos on the Planai.

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Park Setup – the Playground

With a length of 450 meteres and 5 to 6 lines lined up next to each other the Superpark Planai speaks for its name.

Three different areas will make sure your progression is on point. The Beginner and Medium line is filled with different obstacles of every difficulty level and kickers to progress on. Tricks from simple boardsslides, to back-lips and cab270ies onto rails will soon be no biggie! The Advanced Area has a few harder obstacles to offer, they will give you room to thrive and become an even greater rider and enjoy the Superpark Planai to the fullest. Be aware, you’ll drive home smiling big time.

Throwback to the Highlight-Session – here’s some heavy hitters

Last season’s Highlight-Session was one for the books. Here’s some proof that has been captured during a session with some of Planais favourite riders. Better take your time & watch it peeps!

Here we would like to show you a Vimeo video.

Say Cheese!

 web planai 11 01 2020 action sb selenata sanchez hannes mautner qparks 32
 web planai 11 01 2020 action fs unknown hannes mautner qparks 18
 web planai 12 01 2019 action sb unknown rider roland haschka qparks 005
 web planai 09 02 2019 bluetomatokidsday nikolamilatovic qparks 034
 web planai 24 01 2020 action sb felix widnig roland haschka qparks 001004
 web planai 08 02 2020 action sb unknown hannes mautner qparks 42
 web planai 08 02 2020 action sb unknown hannes mautner qparks 14
 web planai 24 01 2020 action fs sebastian baumgaertner roland haschka qparks 001005
 web planai 22 03 2019 action sb elena graglia hannes mautner qparks 3

Having a big Time! Thanks - Superpark Planai