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5 Inspiring Shred Blogs

On Instagram, the same things come up in the feed every day and that sometimes makes the inspiration source suffer a bit. This is not only because of the algorithm, but also because the channels you follow are always the same. We've collected a few very interesting shred blogs that will make your algorithm more interesting and your source of inspiration bubbling:

QParks is the place to go when it comes to quality snowparks. From family parks for beginners to super parks for pros, this brand offers everything a freestyle heart desires. Together with riders, event formats, photos and film products are produced and thus the perfect content for shredders.

The Instagram profile @shredqueens is especially interesting for girls. The event format Girls Shred Sessions is the perfect platform for freestyle coaching sessions exclusively for girls. These events are offered in several areas and are very popular. It's worth a visit!

"For those who ride" is the claim of this site. From snowboarding to surfing, all board sports are represented here. Not only events are communicated here, but also interesting content from nose to tail. From time to time, this community also brings funny or action-packed clips, which contain entertainment as well as a source of inspiration. Really nice!

This magazine is Germany's biggest freeski magazine. The profile feeds you mainly with freeski content, including events, spectacular locations and freeski memes. In addition, interesting news from the scene is always published. The content is mega interesting and can simply do something!

For the freestyle fashionistas among you, this Instagram page is certainly of interest. Outfits can be put together here, and you can get inspiration for your individual style. When freestyling, you want to look good and be equipped with good gear.

Enough with the inspiration, otherwise the source will bubble over. These pages should spice up your algorithm a bit and create new inspiration. Stay weird, cheers!

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