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Merry Chrismiracle - Planai Superpark is OPEN

HoHoHooray: Superpark Planai is open from the 24th of December with a perfectly setup christmas table. 

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Let’s meet up for some Christmas Shreds?

Planai Superpark IS OPEN! The 24th of December is the day on which your shred-leggos will be woken up after a waaaaay to long summer & autumn break.

Setup the Christmas table please

A very neat little setup is awaiting you with a Spine, a super fun Rail and five other additional Jibs. You’re Jibbomania can be treated again luckily and that on the day of Christmas Day. Let’s pack all our motivation into a fancy package and take it with us to enjoy some fun shreds in the Superpark Planai.

Also, the FUNSLOPE is going to be opened and provides a perfect setup to train your basic skills with fun waves and groovy banks.

Tag us in your favorite Christmas Holiday Shots! We are stoked to see how high your Christmassy stoke is during the holidays…

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