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New year - new bangers

Some like it hot - absolutely, but not when it comes to our beloved Playground. It has suffered a bit in the last weeks, because it was just too warm. But enough complaining: Finally we have enough snow together to deliver you a first fat setup. So we start the new year with a happy new YEAH!

Superpark Setup

The first lines are ready to be taken by you under your microscope & boards:

  • Easyline
    Kicker 2m
    Kicker 2m
    Rainbow Box 3m
    Flat Tube 4m
    Down Tube 4m
  • Medium Boxline
    Flat Box 8m
    Down Box 8m
    Flat Tube 6m
    Down Tube 6m
    Rainbow Industry 6m
    Down Mailbox 8m
  • Medium Railline
    Down Rail 8m
    Flat Industry 6m
    Down Donkey out Industry 7m
    Flat Donkey Out Rail 6m
    Flat Up Flat Mailbox 8m
    Down Rail 8m
  • Medium Kickerline
    Kicker 8m
    Kicker 8,5m
    Kicker 9m
    Kicker 9,5m

More to come!

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Crew love is true love

A big thank you goes to the Shape crew around park designer Konstl Iordanidis & headshaper Niko Plakov. You did a great job in the last weeks to deliver the first bangers of the season to the community! THX!

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