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Plan P 2024: The Best Tricks Under Bright Sunshine

With around 80 participants, perfect weather, and insane tricks in a nice setup, all came together at this year's Plan P. The crowd was thrilled, and Superpark Planai was flooded with a lot of good vibes. Once again this year, the QParks Slopestyle Contest took place in cooperation with the Austrian Ski Federation (ÖSV) and the International Ski Federation (FIS). This meant that all riders could accumulate plenty of points for the official FIS ranking. But that's not all; this year, Plan P was once again linked to the Styrian Freestyle Championships. Find the most important information and results from Plan P 2024 here!

On January 28, 2024, Superpark Planai in Schladming provided the ideal backdrop for the kickoff of the QParks Slopestyle Events, a true freestyle party. Early in the morning, it was clear that Sunday would be a bluebird day, and the contest officially started at 09:00 with bright sunshine. Superpark Planai was packed, as 43 freeski and 36 snowboard athletes participated in this year's Plan P, cheered on by many spectators. After the first practice runs and everyone had inspected the contest line, participants were warmly welcomed at the first rider's meeting by the judges and the event team, who provided information about the contest's proceedings. Shredheads in Schladming had the opportunity to showcase their skills with two runs. Particularly pleasing this year was the immensely high number of participants: Nearly 80 riders from different countries were present, promising signs for the entire freestyle sports scene and Superpark Planai.

Sparkling Contest Line

In the past days, the Shape Crew and the Park Designer put their best efforts into the contest line to present it in perfect condition for Plan P. Their dedication paid off, and with this fantastic weather, the obstacles sparkled especially brightly. The contest line consisted of 4 big kickers and 3 jibs, offering participants various opportunities to showcase their best tricks. Even between runs, the Shape Crew was fully committed, reshaping all obstacles to their wonderful original state. This provided an excellent backdrop for the official judges to observe participants and crown the best tricks.

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No Competition without sufficient refreshment

Aside from the runs, the Chill Area invited everyone to a relaxed lunch break with great beats, delicious sandwiches, snacks, and drinks powered by QParks. All Plan P visitors were welcome here to recharge their batteries and take a brief break from all the adrenaline. Additionally, the on-site speaker created a lively atmosphere, keeping all park visitors informed about the current status and the event's further proceedings. The riders also received an extra dose of motivation from him and launched into the second run with renewed energy after the break.

Great Prizes and Proud Winners

What was already hinted at during the training runs proved true during the contest: The level of this year's participants was incredibly high, and they corked, flipped, and spun with all their might. The judges were presented with a lot and managed to identify the best tricks from the many riders!


Among the Freeski riders, there was a double winner with Frank Wahlstroem, as he secured victory with 95.67 points in both the Overall and Groms categories. Benjamin Lengger closely followed with 93 points, securing the second place in the Overall category, followed by Noel Lundström with 84 points in third place. Among the Groms, Raphael Natter made the jump to the second place with 69 points, and Josef Messner closely followed with 66 points in third place.

The situation was similar among the ladies, as one participant also landed twice on the podium. Silje Kinkead took the first place in the Freeski Overall category with a strong 95.67 points. Magdalena Eglseder secured the second place in this category with 85 points but simultaneously secured the first place in the Freeski Groms category with her performance.

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The situation was different among the snowboarders, as the winning positions were evenly distributed. In the Snowboard Men Overall category, the riders had a close race: Mika Schweitzer took the first place with 79.67 points, Linus Margreiter landed in second place with 77.67 points, and Damian Millinger was the third-placed with 76.33 points. Among the Groms, Hayden Jacobs secured the first place with 63 points, Lorenz Trinker took the second place with 37 points, and Mykola Strielnikov landed in third place with 30.33 points.

Among the female snowboarders, Laura Záveská secured the first place in the Overall category with 85.33 points. Yugala Preach followed in second place with 75.33 points, and Livia Schatzer was closely behind in third place with 73.67 points. Simultaneously, she secured the first place among the Groms with her score. Ilvy Paul took the second place in this category with 56 points, and Alma Sailer secured the third place with 36 points.

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In one decision, the judges surely had a tough time: They faced the challenge of crowning the Best Trick on Freeski and Snowboard among all the exciting runs. Nevertheless, they succeeded and selected Benjamin Lengger on Freeski with a Leftside Cork 900 Blunt and Laura Záveská on Snowboard with a Frontside Boardside Prezel as the winners.


For detailed results of Plan P 2024, you can check here!


Last but not least, in addition to awesome prizes from great sponsors of the event, there were also cash and goodies for all the winners. And even though Plan P is an open competition, some riders could also rejoice in additional FIS points added to their accounts.


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A Day to Remember

And thus, a fantastic day in the freestyle paradise of Schladming concluded with many happy faces. Perfect weather, positive vibes, and dedicated riders made Plan P a thoroughly successful event in the Superpark Planai!

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