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Girls own the Superpark
ROXY Girls Shred Session Planai 2024

Who own the park? Girls! The continuation of the ROXY Girls Shred Session is entering the next round in beautiful Schladming. We are ready and really looking forward to welcoming girls from near and far and getting them to shred in the park. Put 23.03.2024 on your agenda, because on this day the Superpark Planai will be taken over by the girls and flooded with good vibes!

Once all the participants have arrived, we start with a relaxed warm-up to prepare all your limbs for the freestyle action. Then it's time to get ready, set, shred! A total of four experienced coaches will be on hand to teach you how to ride in the park and cater to your individual needs. Together, you can take the opportunity to learn from professional female freeski and snowboard coaches: you can ask everything without any fear, slowly feel your way around and redefine your limits. You can also look forward to riding sessions with ROXY athletes, lots of #goodvibes and united girl power. Our session welcomes all girls who want to shred together - no matter what age or skill level. Let's experience a day full of girl power together and rule the Superpark Planai!

As always, the coaching sessions are free, all you have to do is get a lift ticket for the day and you're ready to go. So that you can send the whole day, there's a free 'toast party' for lunch including snacks and drinks powered by QParks. As a further add-on, all girls can secure cool goodie bags from our partner ROXY - packed full of nice stuff. And last but not least, all shred queens will be accompanied throughout the day by a professional media crew so that all the exciting moments and highlights can be captured live on camera and later shared with friends, family and the online world.

The motto of our Girls Days is "Taking part is everything!". We want to spend a great day together with you in the Superpark Planai and have a good time. If you're in the mood for good vibes, freestyle and personal progression with lots of other lovely girls, you can't miss the ROXY Girls Shred Session Planai! A park day with girl power is coming up and we are looking forward to spending it with you!

Here we would like to show you a Vimeo video.

09:30 am
Meeting at Superpark Planai
Registration and warm-up at the park entrance
10:30 am
Coaching, Film- und Fotosession I
12:30 pm
The original QParks Toastparty -Free lunch
1:30 pm
Coaching, Film- und Fotosession II
03:00 pm
Goodies by ROXY for all Girls

Participation in the ROXY Girls Shred Session is free of charge. To take part, all you need to do is organize a lift ticket for the day. We will provide happy times, food and good vibes. We are looking forward to a day full of girl power on the Planai!

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