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Profile: Superpark Planai
Now it's become personal..

Today our favorite Playground gets its own friend book entry. And why not - In our profile you'll find some very personal information about the Superpark Planai. 


Name: Superpark Planai

Hobby: Having a big Time

My Home: Planai, Schladming, Styria, Austria

Best friend: Blue Tomato

Likes: Sunset Sessions, my Shape Crew of the Shape Academy, Good Vibes

Dislikes: garbage, uncollegial riders

Star Sign: Like a Vergin - touched fort he very first time....

Year of birth: Winterseason 2009/2010

Friends like me for: My setup, my events, 

I am a fan of: Motivated Shredheads

How to reach me: Take the 10-passenger Planai cable car all the way up and then head over to the Weitmoos lifts.

Social Media: Facebook - Superpark Planai, Instagram - @superpark_planai,

What does a perfect day look like for me: The sun rises very easy and shortly thereafter the Shape crew is already there & prepping me for the day. From 9 o'clock come the first Parkrats for nice Laps. This goes on for the whole day. In the best case there are good vibes only, lots of fun & no accidents. At 16 o'clock is then the Reshape. From time to time there will be a barbecue & a sunset session. That's pretty perfect!

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