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Recap Blue Tomato Girls Day Planai
Icey & Spicy

The wait was finally over for the girls at the end of January, because it was girl shred time again in the Superpark Planai! According to the motto "Come snow or come shine", the Blue Tomato Girls Day in the Superpark Planai turned into a winter wonderland with thick snowflakes where the girls sent it with all their powers. "Good vibes and good times" were without a doubt at the top of the list.

Girlpower on fire and ice

As the first Girls Shred Session of the season, the Blue Tomato Girls Day on the Planai presented itself well despite the wintry weather conditions and showed that the girls don't give up even at low temperatures. According to coaches, the level was high and the progression even higher. Freeski Coach Vani Mayerosch about her sessions: "It's unbelievable how well the girls do. We started with boxes, followed by tube and kicker; really impressive.” Also the snowboarders were on fire with the youngest of whom was 7 years old and had skills as far as the eye can see.

Shred session at its finest

The girls gathered at the entrance to the Superpark at 9 a.m. and you could already clearly feel the positive energy and motivation for the girls-only day. With games and warm-up exercises by the coaches, the girls were well prepared for the first shred session and were then allowed to start in the direction of obstacle no. 1, a flat butter box. After an important lunch break with delicious warm sandwiches powered by Blue Tomato, hot tea and sweet snacks, the second round of the progression session continued. Like on a dance floor with a natural fog machine, the girls moved around the park in the afternoon and hyped and cheered each other on. “Some of the girls have been working on various tricks over box and tube, others have let off steam on baby kickers; it was just cool to see how much they support and motivate each other!” says coach Siabhan Challis.

10 Jahre Girls Shred Sessions

As expected, the #onedecadeofgirlpower giveaway was very well received and everyone diligently threw their name into the pot. In this sense, a big thank you to Wavesisters, GoPro, Mons Royale and Golden Ride Magazine for the awesome give away prizes! To top it off, there were steezy goodies from our partners Blue Tomato, Golden Ride & Boardriding. Patrizia was also represented with her fluffy Woodman Wear headwear, which also attracted some new customers that day.

At the end of the event, the girls exchanged contacts for future private shred sessions until it was time to say "Baba see you soon". Participant Laura: "It was such a cool day, the coaches were great, I met super cool girls and I'm already looking forward to seeing them again!"

Big thanks also to the Planai Schladming. The sessions have been taking place in the Superpark Planai for 10 years now, offering the ladies the progression hotspot in Styria!

Stay steezy girls, see you soon at the next shred session when it's #girlsownthepark again!

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