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Steezy Season End at the Superpark Planai

When the sun is longer in the sky again and the snow turns more and more into slush, it is clearly time for a well-deserved summer break! A big thank you to everyone who was there live and enjoyed the highlights with us.

The season 2022/23 started shortly before the turn of the year and thanks to our super motivated Shape Crew with a setup of the very finest.

At the end of January, the girls were allowed to explore the Superpark at the Blue Tomato Girls Day Planai. Without a doubt this event was unforgettable and we would like to thank all the shred queens who were part of it - you were awesome!

One day after the Girls Shred Session the Blue Tomato Plan P took place and completed the action-packed weekend with fat Bluebird, a huge crowd and nice shred hours in the Superpark. All the boys and girls showed once again what they are capable of and clearly proved that freestyle events

THANKS to all participants and of course the crew who prepared the park especially for this eventful weekend.

Before we finally say goodbye into the summer break, we would like to thank the whole crew as well as our community. Without you the past winter season would not have been possible. You rocked the park, broadcast and showed everyone where the hare runs.


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