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Superpark Planai becomes freestyle-Mekka in 2018/19

Autumn is finally here, and it smells like fallen leaves, chestnuts and… freshly lacquered obstacles! Yes, obstacles – at least at Superpark Planai. Also, plans for popular events on the future setup are ready! Blue Tomato Plan P, Blue Tomato Girls Day, Ski Amadé Cash4Tricks, Blue Tomato Kid’s Day and a sick setup up – this upcoming season supplies your shredder heart with loads of action!


Metallic hammering and the blazing sound of welding were echoing through Schladming’s air. Sweat and spray paint were dripping equally as the Shape Academy’s boys and girls gave it their all during this year’s summer break in order to make Planai’s obstacles shine bright like diamonds again! Features and plans are now finished, maybe having saved one or two surprises for you. There is only one last thing to say: You do not want to miss this season at Superpark Planai!

In order to honor its name, Superpark Planai once again stocked up with events and a widely known great setup. Supported by Oakley and Blue Tomato, this year’s shape-crew is eager to chisel 55 features into the snow for you guys!

Besides known kickers, tubes and rails, a couple of new features will be installed within the advanced area.

This season’s well-deserved after-shred-chill will not come up short either! Meaning you can count on our chill-area once again – including the most gorgeous sunsets. Since relaxation usually follows shredding, there are a couple contests, coachings and sessions waiting for you!

All good things come in… four!


The very first event is starting in the new year. More precisely, on January 12th, 2019, Blue Tomato Plan P by the international QParks Tour is stopping at Superpark Planai! For this slopestyle-contest, rookies throw themselves over kickers and rails, in order to showing their skills. A shower of prize money and goodies by Blue Tomato, Oakley, Pinetime and AMPLIFI will rain down on the best ones among you. If you want to find out more about what you can expect on January 12th check out last year’s clip!


On February 2nd, the Blue Tomato Girls Day goes down under the motto: “Girls own the Park!”. Once again this year, all girls among you can participate in a coaching and take their skills to a whole new level! Blue Tomato’s riders will happily reveal their own tips and tricks to you. Since shredding on an empty stomach is less of a fun thing to do, there will be free lunch & drinks in order to regain your energy for the second session in the afternoon. Before finishing this event, shredqueens get goodies by QParks, Golden Ride and Blue Tomato. This is what the party looked like last year.

All riders who want to win cash should participate at the Cash4Tricks Tour on January 27th! Whether you are a pro or a beginner – judges will reward every stylish-looking stomped trick with 5€. So, if you want to throw down some fine runs and win some fine cash come by and mend your pocket money, salary, annuity, child allowance or whatever.


Blue Tomato does not only support freestyle rookies and shredqueens. They care about our youngest guns too: At Blue Tomato Kids Day, on February 9th, youngsters between 7 and 15 years get to learn first freestyle basics and work on their progression under the guidance of professional coaches. You do not own a board yet? No Problem at all, Blue Tomato happily provides test-boots and test-boards to all groms! Find out here, what to expect!


Superpark Planai is already to looking forward to sick events, nice sessions and a rad season 2018/19 with you guys!

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 web planai 13 01 2018 lifestyle fs sb roland haschka qparks 026
 web planai 03 02 2018 scenic roland haschka qparks 001
 web planai 20 01 2018 lifestyle fs sb roland haschka qparks 027
 web planai 13 01 2018 scenic roland haschka qparks 003
planai 2017 pinetime 01 lowres
planai 13 01 2018 lifestyle fs sb roland haschka qparks 024
planai 03 02 2018 lifestyle fs sb roland haschka qparks 075
planai 20 01 2018 lifestyle fs sb roland haschka qparks 048
planai 20 01 2018 lifestyle fs sb roland haschka qparks 030
planai 2017 pinetime 02 lowres
planai 2017 pinetime 11 lowres

You can find more info and updates about events, park-status and weather in Superpark Planai as well as shots and the most freestyle-esque reading material here on Instagram, Facebook, our Website and the app for Android and iOS.

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