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The contest line of the Blue Tomato Plan P!

Finally, Blue Tomato Plan P 2019 is coming real close and our shape crew has jumped headfirst into the preparations. In the meantime, Superpark Planai has been closed for a bit due to ongoing snowstorms. Huge amounts of white gold are currently burying half of Austria which actually comes in quite useful, considering this weekend’s contest. Loads of snow means sweet kickers and sweet kickers predict a sick contest line!

This Saturday, 12th January, the annual QParks Tour kicks off with a freestyle contest, you don’t wanna miss! Blue Tomato Plan P was chosen to be this year’s very first Tour Stop. Planai’s Park Designer Pavel Stratil is looking forward to the event: “We’ve been digging out obstacles for days. Now we can finally start building the contest line.”


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Following the motto “never change a winning team” this year’s contest line will represent a classic slopestyle setup with different possibilities on 3 hits. First, the riders get to show some steeze on a down tube or a down rail. Then they flick their switches to sender-mode ‘cause now it’s time to fly. On the first knuckle the rookies get to choose between a 7m and 11m kicker and on the final knuckle they have a little more time for their signature tricks on a 10m or 13m kicker.

Make sure to not miss out on this kinda fun. And just in case you haven’t registered yet, click here for our snowboard registration or here for our freeski registration.

For more updates about this year’s Blue Tomato Plan P and its build-up, check our Instagram, Facebook and the Facebook Page of the QParks Tour.

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