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Burton-team rider, Daniil Melnikov
about his childhood in Moscow, becoming a snowboard pro and Superpark Planai

Shortly after having started the new year Daniil paid the Superpark Planai a visit. Find out about what he experienced, why he loves Schladming and how he got into freestyle, below.

In case you’re thinking Daniil has been fed snow and board-wax already in his baby bottle, you’re wrong. Actually, his journey started far away from Europe’s snowy Alps. One day, he started roaming the city of Moscow, Russia, with his cousin and his snowboard. Since Moscow doesn’t have a lot to offer for winter sports enthusiasts, Daniil and his cousin jibbed through the city’s alleys – without boots in their bindings. Fast forward, winter after winter passed by and Daniil kept shredding Moscow with a first pair of boots and his first own snowboard and went to new places like Serbia and other countries.

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Superpark Family

Along his way, he became a snowboard pro and made a living by working in board-shops in order to finance his passion. Slowly but steadily, he built up a network. Many QParks shapers are old friends from that period of his life, which is why he likes coming back to places like Planai. “I love seeing the Superpark family! Yes, I’m saying family intentionally because it really has a special home-ish atmosphere to it!”, Daniil says.

He also took part in this year’s Blue Tomato Plan P in order to test Planai’s setup: “Even though the lines aren’t incredibly long, you can choose from 12 to 15 tricks in just one run and you don’t have to care too much about checking speed.”

“I’ve always wanted to fly”

About four years ago, Daniil severely injured his knee. “That’s why I enjoy quick jibbing now which works completely effortlessly at Superpark Planai because you can keep your speed throughout the entire run!”

Back in the days he was more of an airtime-guy, Daniil says. “During my childhood, I’ve always wanted to fly like a superhero just like all the other kids, which is why I’ve been so fascinated by snowboarding, I guess. I wanted to fly higher and farther. Today, I can do that with a board under my feet. I can’t live without it anymore. Once you fly, you can’t stop.”

Now, what about the rest of the season? “I am collaborating with Toyota Russia, which is why I’ll travel back to Saint Petersburg and Sochi. By the end of March, I want to travel around for a bit and be back in Austria. Superpark Planai will have me back, of course! I’m already looking forward to it!

Thank you, Daniil, for visiting us at Superpark Planai. We wish you all the best for your career as well as your private life and we’re looking forward to welcoming you again in March!

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