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Freestyle for Newbies: 5 easy tricks explained

"Practice makes perfect", and that's exactly how it is with freestyling. If you're bored of the slopes and want to get a little (un)comfortable in the park, you should take a close look at these 5 tricks. As we all know, it's hard to get started, so we tried to explain each of these tricks as simply as possible for you freestyle newcomers, so that you know what to do on your next visit to the park. Here also applies: start small and take it easy!

Trick 1: Ski Slide

This trick is often the first to be added to a freestyler's repertoire and is considered a versatile option as it can be performed on tubes, boxes and rails. The obstacle is approached shoulder width with one arm held forward and one held back. Jump straight off, make a 90 degree turn and come in upright over the obstacle to land. It is important not to keep the legs too close together.


Trick 2: 180 (one-eighty)

The classic when it comes to freestyle entry. You don't need a huge kicker for this, even smaller ones are perfectly sufficient to do a good 180. The kicker is approached straight and hip-width for maximum control during the jump. With a slight swing of the arms, the rotation or turn is triggered, simultaneously with a jump upwards. The impulse of the arms carries the whole body in the direction of rotation.


Trick 3: 360 (three-sixty)

The next well-known classic among the freestyle tricks is clearly the 360 and definitely a good increase after the 180. The approach should be approached in a slight curve to prevent canting. Keep your eyes on the landing and body tension. The 360 uses a lot of arm movement and therefore a lot of momentum. The direction of rotation is completely up to you.


Trick 4: Back 180 on Switch 50/50

With this trick you jump backside onto a rail and slide down the rail upside down (switch) with full highspeed. Without question, this requires a lot of courage and motivation to stick with it, but here too the rule applies: learning by doing.


Trick 5: Grabs

Grabs are not directly classified as tricks, but they give every trick an extra portion of style and are always popular. The following grabs are among the most used and, in our eyes, the most important. The Tail Grab; here the back hand grabs the end of the snowboard. The Melon Grab, where the front hand grabs the heel side of the snowboard, and the Mute Grab, where the front hand grabs the middle of the frontside edge. Last but not least, the Chicken Salad Grab, where the back hand reaches between the legs through to the center of the back of the board. Sounds much more complicated than it is but still requires effective practice time.

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