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Happy International Women's Day
Women in Freestyle

Also for us it's important to draw attention to women's rights and gender equality. In freestyle scene, there are more and more power puff girls who show off their skills. We would also like to pay homage to women in freestyle on this special day. Let's rock:


The International Women's Day is a holiday that focuses on women's rights and gender equality all over the world. This special day has been celebrated for more than 100 years on 8 March, this year with the motto "Everyone for Equality". Equality is also important to us at Superpark Planai. That's why both, women and men are treated equally nice her. We, therefore, stand for "Snowpark for all"!

Women in Freestyle

As many of you know, women are in the minority in the freestyles scene. One of the reasons for this is the relatively young discipline. Parts of freestyle skiing have only been Olympic since 1992 and snowboarding has only been part of the Olympic Games since 1998. So not even that long ago. However, the girls' participation quote remains very low.

Big Family

Freestyle is about expressing yourself and finding your own style. You are independent and free to choose how you want to show your emotions. Sounds nice, doesn't it? The freestyle community is one big family and everyone can share their snow passion with like-minded people.

Girls Events

Through various events especially for girls, they try to increase the girls' participation quote. These include events such as the Girls Shred Sessions, Girls Camps etc. Exactly these events are of great importance to finally get more girls into the park. If you weren't at this year's Girls Shred Session at Superpark Planai, you can have a look at our recap to see for yourself.

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 web planai 30 01 2022 action sb unknown hannes mautner qparks 049

Girls run the world! Today belongs, for God's sake, to the girls. Keep up to date and keep your chin up. You are shredalicious! See you soon, cheers.

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