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Hot Shot Guide

You don't need a good camera for nice shots in the park. With our tips & tricks, you can get pretty good shots with your mobile phone camera. We talked to our professional photographers and wanna share the following tips with you:

Buzzword: Light

To catch the important details in the right light, it's worth taking the sun into account - if the sun is shining, use aperture eight. Especially during midday, the sun shines brightest and does not offer good lighting conditions. So, it's better to take a siesta and wait for the good light moments.

The power of the Golden Hour

"The early bird catches the worm." This proverb can also be wonderfully projected onto shootings. The so-called Golden Hour even takes place twice a day. Once in the hour after sunrise and in the hour before sunset. At these times, the sun is particularly low and illuminates the surroundings in an orange-reddish light. Great, isn't it?

Blue Hour

During sunset we find alos the blue hour. The light gives a beautiful atmosphere and contrasts are softened. After the hour, it's almost night? Use aperture 2.8. Easy, isn't it? Try it out right away and capture the Blue Bird!


Changing the angle of view can make a photo look completely different. You don't always have to stay in one place. You can bend your knees or change the perspective completely. With a drone, you can also take wonderful shots from a bird's eye view - but beware: drones can only be flown if you are registered and have a drone license.

With these little hacks, you can capture your shred sessions on camera. Try it out and tag @superpark_planai in your park shots. Have fun and see ya on the mountain!

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