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6 Life Hacks for Shredder
Easy Peasy Lemon Squeeze through Life

As the name suggests, life hacks make life easy peasy lemon squeezy. With a few little hacks, this wish can come true. Who doesn't like easy shred days? Therefore, pay attention and keep the following things in mind for your next session:

Foggy Goggles

Nothing can be more annoying than fogged goggles during a session. A quick solution without having to buy new ski goggles is to wear a balaclava under your helmet. This bonnet protects the goggles from the breath and thus provides an extremely quick and efficient remedy.

Smartphone vs gloves

While shredding, checking social media, calls or messages can become a real struggle. Gloves have to be taken off again and again, and once your hands are cold, they can hardly be warmed up again. That's why there are smartphone-compatible gloves. Yes, you heard me right. These gloves have a special fabric on the fingertips that allows you to operate the touchscreen without any problems. Cool, isn't it?

Smelling shoes

The unpleasant smells in your ski and snowboard boots after steezy sessions is unfortunately a reality. With a conventional tea bag, the smells can be removed in no time. The tea bag is best placed in the boots on the way home. The smells are neutralized in this way and do not spread. Nice!

The burden on your shoulders

Packing for a day of skiing is and remains a horror. Especially skiers have to carry a whole bunch of stuff. Skis, ski poles and heavy, clunky ski boots. You can sometimes feel like a Transformer. Our tip for less ballast: Use the skis like a travel bag and use the poles as handles. To do this, simply thread the loops of the ski poles onto the end of the skis. Then thread the other end of the pole into the opposite loop and tadaaa. That makes life a little easier.

Saturday Shred

Who would have thought it? Skiing really pays off on Saturdays. In many ski resorts, Saturday is a busy arrival and departure day. That's why the slopes are often not so crowded, and you can really make the most of your Shred Day.

Polar conditions ahead

Do you easily freeze or likely to be cold on the slopes when it's below zero? There are a few little life hacks that make the cold bearable. Hot tea in a thermos flask warms you from the inside and thus from head to toe. In terms of equipment, choose heat pads, heated gloves and heated socks - these things are simply worth it, but please make sure they are of good quality!

With these few life hacks, nothing should stand in the way of a relaxed shredding experience. The little things make life easy peasy lemon squeezy! Shred ahead!

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