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NASH Tour + Camps 2022/23 on the Planai
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The NASH -Tour is an Austria-wide junior snowboard tour that aims to help children get started in snowboard racing. The goal is to identify young talents as early as possible, to promote them through training and to integrate them into the snowboard sport. The aim is for the young boarders to try out as many different snowboard disciplines as possible in order to gain a comprehensive basic snowboarding education. The target group of the junior events are the 7 to 15 year olds.

What is it about & what do you get out of it

In the 2022/2023 season, 20 NASH races are planned throughout Austria. Races will be held in the disciplines of snowboard cross, banked course, alpine and freestyle. Furthermore, free coaching sessions with current and former top athletes from the snowboard sport will be offered. This results in a social program so that a day on the mountain consists not only of racing alone, but also of coaching and training. Every NASH snow day should thus be used in the best possible way.

Through appealing results in the various competitions, the young athletes* can qualify for the NASH finals from 14.4. - 16.4. in Schladming. In general, 10 starting places per federal state are planned. However, this is variable and depends on the number of outstanding athletes per province. There are also wildcards, which may be distributed by the organizer of the NASH finals. Particularly outstanding athletes can also qualify directly for the final on the Planai in Schladming by decision of the coach. The NASH Final is an invitational race where Austria's best young snowboarders compete against each other at the end of the season. All participants of the NASH Final will receive a personal invitation to this event. The final is limited to 100 starters. There are only two age groups for both the girls and the boys. These consist of the age groups 2008-2011 and 2012 to 2015! At the final the three disciplines Snowboard Cross, Parallel Giant Slalom and Slopestyle will be competed.

After the NASH finals, the top-ranked young skiers of the individual categories will be invited to further snow camps in April and May under the guidance of professional trainers on various glaciers.

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Saturday morning: Snowboard Cross in Funcross

After an inspection follows a free training (about one hour). During this time, each athlete may ride the course as many times as he/she wishes. Afterwards the qualification follows, in which my alone on time masters the distance. After the qualification the times will be listed and a ranking will be made from the fastest runner to the slowest. From this ranking the K.O. runs are arranged by a given scheme. In the K.O heats, 4 athletes race against each other, with the two fastest in each heat (also called Heat) advancing one lap. This happens until there are only 4 riders left in the race. These then race each other the places 1 to 4.

Saturday afternoon: Slopestyle in the park

Slopestyle is a freestyle discipline that involves jumps as well as various rails/boxes/tubes, etc. It is the most difficult freestyle discipline, because you have to master all elements in the park. After a free practice, each athlete has 3 runs (so called runs), the two best ones are added by points. The athlete with the most points wins at the end of the day.

Here we would like to show you a Vimeo video.

Sunday morning: Alpine Parallel Giant Slalom

In the Alpine Snowboard Parallel Giant Slalom the athletes are only allowed to visit the course. Training as in Snowboard Cross or Slopestyle is not allowed. There are two courses, one blue one red, set side by side (parallel). In the qualification each participant rides both once on the blue course and once on the red course. The two times will be added together and thus a result list will be created after the qualification. After that, knockout heats will be arranged again according to a fixed scheme. The faster of the two drivers advances again to the next round, until in the end winner and 2nd remain.


This is how you can be part of the final on 14-16.04.2023: Send us your best tricks on video to

If you are invited to the final, the ÖSV will cover your costs for accommodation, lift ticket and food!

Via Planai 5 applicants have the chance to get a wildcard to the final. So what are you waiting for!

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