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Digging, digging and more digging.

As the new year commenced, Planai has been gifted – or haunted, depending on how you want to look at it, with loads of white gold. For the shape crew, it’s been a little bit of both, as they are the ones digging out obstacles morning after morning. They’ve been buried under thick layers of snow over and over again during the last couple of nightly snowstorms. Thanks to their hard work, riders were still able to enjoy afternoon-sessions in Superpark Planai despite the ongoing snow chaos.

Outlooks of change keep laying low, according to next week’s weather forecast, which is why all shapers are kind of compelled to adopt digging as a part of their morning routine, after PRINOTH’s snowcats have been lurking across the park’s area.

Check out this clip from a while back, when the situation was easier:

After watching the clip, some of you might think: “What are they doing with even more snow?” No, it’s neither being melted nor eaten (unless their water bottles run dry) nor is it being disposed of in some other way. Of course, it’s being used to build jumps with it later on. Soon, there will be a kicker line again! Planai’s panorama will have restored its original glory with a couple of kickers by January 12th 2019 at the latest, when Blue Tomato Plan P goes down.

In the meantime, our shapers are doing anything in their power to supply you guys with plenty of air time asap. According to the weather forecast, this mission isn’t going to be a walk in the park since it looks more like pow- than park-sessions.

You want to show some gratitude to the Powder-Gods and the shape crew? Best you can do is come to Superpark Planai for a session or two and get a taste of their work and the fruit it’s bearing. For more updates about Superpark Planai and the weather situation, check out our Facebook and Instagram!

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