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Spring Sparks @ Superpark Planai

The spring awakening at Superpark Planai has started and we are super excited what the last weeks of this season have to offer. If you think that Spring Sessions are not worth it, you are totally wrong. Here are a few reasons to make the most of the Spring Shred:

LaLaLong Days

The days are getting longer and the Shred Day can be used properly. So the sunset sessions on the mountain can be brought back to life and really nice shots can come out. So, let's go for the Spring Shred!

I'm walking on Sunshine

Wohooo! If you want to feel the power of the sun, the Superpark Planai is the best address. The location is simply shredalicious and the chill area is also directly facing the sun. If you want to show off some steezy tricks in the bright sunshine with a view of the Dachstein, you definitely shouldn't miss the Spring Shred Sessions on the Planai.

Less is more

Now it's time to strip down and get out in the sun. Those who want to "fill up" before summer should consider the Spring Shred Sessions. With the spring temperatures, things can get hot and you can lose a few pieces of clothing. Just like the motto: You can leave your helmet on! Note: Don't forget to use sunscreen!

If these are not reasons enough to rock the spring again! We wish you lots of fun in the sun and shredalicious moments on the mountain. Cheerio!

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