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That’s it, that’s all! *drops mic*

Sadly, a super nice season 18/19 at Superpark Planai is coming to an end. Big ups to you guys out there and of course to the park crew. This is our very personal throwback Thursday #tbt. Let’s look back and see what went down in our favorite park!

What a rad season that was guys! Park Designer Pavel and his boys created an extremely awesome setup, we had some insane events in the park and thanks to this winter’s massive amounts of snow, we were able to shred all the way till spring.

Blue Tomato Plan P: Jan 12, 2019

planai 12 01 2019 roland haschka qparks 009

As always, the first event of the season was the QParks Tour’s Blue Tomato Plan P. The aforementioned and highly cherished snow masses may have stopped the slopestyle version of the contest, but on the super creative jib setup, 68 riders went nuts and showed their style.

Ski amadé Cash 4 Tricks: Jan 27, 2019

 web planai 27 01 2019 action fs unknown hannes mautner qparks 60

Shortly after, all motivated shred heads were able to win some sweet bucks while the Ski amadé Cash 4 Tricks Tour was going down at Planai. Progression, style and clean tricks were rewarded with €755 in total.

Blue Tomato Girls Day: Feb 2, 2019

 web planai 02 02 2019 lifestyle fs sb roland haschka qparks 045

Over 30 Shredqueens responded to Blue Tomato’s call for a freestyle coaching for free at Superpark Planai. With snowboards and twin tips under their feet, the girls worked the whole day on their park skills and they simply enjoyed a great girls session.

Blue Tomato Kids Day: Feb 9, 2019

 web planai 09 02 2019 bluetomatokidsday nikolamilatovic qparks 024

Just one week after the girls had their big day, it was time for the kiddos. An incredible attendance of 56 youngsters turned the Blue Tomato Kids Day into a big highlight. In two groups, the young riders started their freestyle adventure. Depending on their skill level, the kids learned first turns or first tricks on the snowboard.

Slushy Spring Session mit Elena, Simon und Bernd

 web planai 22 03 2019 action sb bernd schweiger hannes mautner qparks 3

At the end of the season, Elena Graglia, Simon Hutter and Bernd Schweiger made their way to the Superpark. Hear what they think about Slushy Spring Sessions at Planai and find their best shots/clips here.

So, this is it. All we have left to say is that we wish you an incredible summer. So: We wish you an incredible summer! See you in a few months at Superpark Planai. Until then, reminisce by checking our Instagram page and Facebook site. It definitely helps when you need a mental break from summer.

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